Welcome To URC

Utility Review Consultants LLC (URC) is a commercial utility auditing company who has been saving companies and organizations money on utility costs since 1986. Our staff of experienced professionals will audit your electric, gas, and water/sewer bills to find cost-cutting alternatives and the all-too-frequent billing errors and overcharges. We have saved thousands of companies and organizations thousands of dollars. Our clients include local, county, and state governments, schools, universities, hospitals, manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, agriculture operations, oil & gas production companies, and pipeline companies.

URC is a team of independent auditors. We analyze your utility bills and determine if you are owed any refunds for overcharges and determine if you are on the proper rates based on the applicable tariffs and riders and recommend ways you can save even more money on your utility costs. Our experience allows us to wade through the complex billing procedures by the utility companies and search for hidden charges on your utility bills.