Q: What is URC?

A: Utility Review Consultants LLC (URC) is a commercial utility auditing firm. We make it our job to save your company money on utility costs. We analyze your utility bills and determine if you are owed any refunds for overcharges, confirm that you are on the correct rate based on the proper tariffs and riders, and recommend ways you can save money on your utility costs.

Q: How much will URC’s services cost my business?

A: URC works on a contingency fee basis. We share in the savings and refunds that we find for you. There are no up-front costs or retainers. If we do not save you money, then you owe us nothing.

Q: Will URC’s audit interfere with my business or my staff?

A: No. Our work is done from our offices with no interruptions to your business or staff.

Q: What does URC need from me to begin its audit?

A: All we need is your organization’s most recent billing statements from each utility provider. We keep you informed of our progress and alert you when we find billing errors or opportunities for future savings.

Q: Why do I need my utility bills audited?

A: Utility companies do not have your best interests in mind. They, like all businesses, are focused on profits and return on their investments. Utility companies have no duty to inform you if your company would benefit by switching to another rate. (In fact, most utility companies place the burden on the customer to keep track of rate and tariff changes while monitoring their own utility consumption.) This is where URC comes in. We are independent third-party experts who advise you on your rate decisions and recommend cost-cutting alternatives to you.

Q: How does URC bill me for savings and refunds?

A: URC shares all refunds that we procure for your company. We also share in any savings we find for you. Savings are easy to calculate because we analyze your utility bills before and after our efforts. Everything we do can be verified by your utility provider. Savings can fluctuate from month to month and if there are no savings for a particular month, then nothing is owed URC for that month.

Q: Why does my company need URC’s services?

A: Special training is needed to decode and decipher the complex utility regulations, billing formulas, tariffs, consumption readings, utility measurements, and billing calculations. You and your staff simply do not have the time to analyze and scrutinize your monthly utility bills looking for overcharges and mistakes. URC is a team of trained specialists who make it our business to save your company or organization money.

Q: How do I contact URC?

A: You can fill in the information located under Request Info and we will contact you to discuss the money-saving services we can offer you. You can also e-mail your questions to us at dgm@urcinc.com.